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My name is Nicole Bole and am the founder of Bolnique Shoes. My background is Engineering and I have a MSc in Wireless Engineering and have more than 16 years corporate experience. I mostly do consulting these days and my last role was for Airbus as Technical Project manager for operator Approvals and certification of the dual Modem currently used on Airbus. I have also worked for Intel chipset, blackberry, vodafone, HTC etc. By virtue of my job and shuttling between Airports, meetings and presentations, I was always on the quest for comfortable, elegant shoes with/without heels that i could jet from Heathrow to New York or Europe without the need of changing my shoes, sometimes I would travel for a day and did not want to take any handluggage, so i needed beautiful, well crafted and comfortable shoes. Getting a comfortable, well crafted and beautiful shoes to pull off an elegant image all day was always a HUGE problem. My shoe size is EU size 43/UK10/US12. I have been a UK size 10 since the age of 12. It was never a problem growing up because as kids we mostly wore sandals in schools. However when i became fashion conscious and wanted beautiful, well crafted shoes in my size, i met a huge challenge: I could not find beautiful, elegant, handmade and well crafted shoes in my size, if i found something, it was from fast fashion and from the high street brands which wore out after a few wears. Shoes in my size were boring and ugly I had to travel to Germany to buy shoes in my size as German women are known for big feet and had a wider variety on offer, again still ugly and boring for me. Can you imagine, at one time, i was a size eu41/UK7? I would squeeze my feet into any beautiful shoes just to wear from the car to the party and then take them out under the table. Has this happened to you? Sometimes, my feet will pain so much, i could not walked and had to take them out and walked barefeet. All these made my quest for beautiful, well crafted, comfortable shoes even stronger, so I set sailed to Italy to visit the local factories and to see how i could solve this problem for myself and others. I am passionate about good quality, well crafted and handmade shoes because i believe that big feet should not mean plastic, cheap leather, ugly or boring. My mission is to change this so those of us with big feet can enjoy the luxury of handmade and well crafted Italian shoes marrying a balance between elegance, luxury and comfort with the best price point. Bolnique understands well the challenge of combining and marrying sophistication, style and comfort in shoes to adapt to all contexts of life. We offer unique, limited, premium collection of shoes carefully handcrafted by a third generation of Italian artisans with remarkable skills, dedication and attention to details.


Comfort is the new luxury. Bolnique shoes will take you anywhere while taking care of your feet(we want your feet to be treated as a baby). All models have an extra cushioned insole and also beautiful leather insole and sole. we are constantly working to bring you the best shoes and looking at a customizable range to suit our clientele. The right pair of shoes will do more than just compliment your outfit. They will give you an extra spring in your step,added comfort, and elevation of confidence.


Our shoes are carefully handcrafted by third generation Italian artisans with remarkable skills, dedication and attention to details with the best quality leather.


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